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Company Profile

Company Profile

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I. Company Profile:
Hebei Hongrun Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hongrun”), was founded in 1992 and headquartered in Puwa Industrial Park, Yanshan County, Hebei Province. Hongrun has strong material and technological foundation and powerful R&D, design and production capability, and sets up Municipal Technology R&D Center, Physical and Chemical Testing Center, Academician Work Station, and three production factories. By the end of 2012, the company has covered a total area of 370,000m2, reached a registered capital of RMB 80 million and the total assets of RMB 780 million, and had 686 employees, of whom engineering and technical staff accounts for 18% of total staff.
II. Products:
Now, Hongrun is a large processing enterprise involving forging, welding, machining, assembly, heat treatment and surface treatment, and forms five series of leading products and over one hundred varieties, such as
Pressure Piping Element Series (Seamless Steel Tube, Pipe Fitting, Flange, Pipe Prefabrication, etc.)
A Class Boiler and Parts Series (Steam Drum, Header, Water Wall, Coil Pipe, etc.)
A1-3 Class Pressure Vessel Series (Storage Tank, Evaporator, Heat Exchangers, Columns, Spherical Tank, etc.)
Wind-powered Tower Series (750KW, 1.5MW, 3MW, 5MW, etc.)
Metallurgical Water Cooling Equipment Series (Furnace Lid, Furnace Wall, Furnace Shell, Water-cooling Flue, Vaporization Flue, etc.)
In recent years, Hongrun has offered a great number of products for the fields of petroleum, petrochemical industry, power, oil transportation, gas transmission and nuclear power. urthermore, Hongrun successfully developed X70 φ1016, X80 φ1219 induction heating bends for trunk line of West-EAST Gas Transmission Project and P92, φ1067 heavy-caliber seamless pushing elbows and Y-shaped hot-pressing tee joints for Shenhua Coal to Liquid and Chemical Co., Ltd., through expert appraisal, some of products have been bestowed with letter of patent issued by State Intellectual Property Office. 
III. Our Credentials
We have certificates for Quality Management System, Environment Management System, Occupational Health and Safety Management System, License for Design and Manufacture of A Class, B Class Pressure Piping Elements, A Class Boiler and A1-3 Class Pressure Vessels issued by AQSIQ, CCS Certificate for Manufacturing Plant of Marine Pipe Fittings; Qualification Certificate of Civil Nuclear Safety Machinery, ASME.U.S Credentials for Manufacture of Steel Seals, Certificate of Pressure Equipment Directive CE, Certificate for member unit of CNPC First-tier Supplier Network; Qualification Certificate for Member of Piping Spare Parts and Components of Sinopec Material Resources Market, and Certificate for the Rights of Self-managed Import & Export. The growth of quality and reputation over the years makes Hongrun the famous brand in the industry.
IV. Equipment Capacity
Hongrun has workshops in an area of 120,000m2, equipped with over 800 sets of processing equipment such as 300-6,000T hydraulic equipment, 300-600T thrust medium-frequency induction pushing equipment, large row bending machine, 150T heavy crane, large CNC coil equipment with maximum thickness of 120mm, systematic automatic bending production line that can finish TIG+MIG welding and industrial television flaw detection, CNC lathes, large heating furnace and electric furnace for heat treatment, forming the production capability of forging, welding, machining, heat treatment, surface treatment and large-scale assembly. In addition, Hongrun has established a Physical and Chemical Testing Center with advanced facilities and scientific management, which was certified to CNAS. The inspection and testing equipment can finish tests of all items through all process from raw materials to finished products, so as to ensure product quality.
V. Technology R&D Capability
In October 2009, Hongrun invested RMB 16 million in construction of the Technology R&D Center in an area of 3,000m2 and purchase of various advanced equipment and instruments, forming stronger technological R&D and product inspection capability. Now, the Center has 36 engineering technology researchers, undertakes physical and chemical property tests of products, and R&D tasks of new products and new processes, and cultivates a group of prominent and professional high-quality research personnel. In addition, Hongrun has developed long-term cooperation with Xi’an Thermal Power Research Institute and Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and set up Postdoctoral Work Station and Academician Work Station, providing favorable environment for introducing top talents. In recent years, the company has finished over 30 items in development of new products and technology transformation, of which 17 items were bestowed with Certificates of Scientific and Technological Achievement, 4 items were granted with Letter of Patent, and 3 items filled the gaps in China, promoting improvement of independent innovation and scientific research capability, transformation of scientific and technological results to the practical productive forces, and change to innovation from production.
VI. Introduction to 50,000T Project
Technological Transformation Project of High-grade Seamless Pipes for Large Nuclear Power, Thermal Power Station, Power Station, Petrochemical and High-speed Rail (“50,000T Project” for short) is a key construction project initiated by investigation and argumentation of two years, with the total investment of RMB 399 million. Since started construction at the beginning of 2010, the project has been successful in test run to make the first seamless steel pipe on Jun. 29th, 2012, with all design objectives and technical parameters live up to design requirements, and debugging excellent. The press unit produced by the project is constituted of a 50,000T steel pipe extruder and a 16,000T blank machine and an oil pump-energy accumulator power station, a supercharger, a hydraulic control system and an electric control system, and is the main equipment in technological upgrading project for heavy-caliber thick-walled seamless steel pipe production. The unit is famous for high production efficiency, high material utilization, excellent quality of steel pipe, and is especially suitable for volume production. Besides extruding large-size seamless steel pipes, it can make high-quality high-temperature and high-pressure extrusions for the industries of military, nuclear power, power station, high-speed rail and large aircraft at home and abroad, with promising market prospects. After the project put into the production, it would produce 50,000T of various steel pipes annually and achieve annual sales revenue of RMB 1-2 billion and profit and tax of RMB 300 million and more. Furthermore, it has filled the gaps in the technical field of 50,000T hydraulic unit at home and abroad, greatly pushing the revitalization of Chinese equipment manufacturing industry.
Hongrun always adheres to the business philosophy of “Credit Oriented”, promotes development by innovation and cooperation, views customer satisfaction and trust as basis, targets at sustainable development, strives to improve quality, reduce cost and create famous brand relying on scientific management, and hopes to build a great future with you!

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